Big Data & Analytics

The Tek Factory have a better way of delivering “Big Data” projects, which we call “Agile Data”.

What problems does Agile Data solve?

Businesses need to extract value from their data.  Most people are aware their data is a gold mine and that “big data” is something they should care about, however, there are common problems:

  • Some are cynical that “big data” is hype, especially when they want to extract value from data quickly and cheaply – and when the data sets are not large.
  • Other data projects get big quickly.  Businesses find themselves undertaking expensive “data warehouse” or “business intelligence” projects, that take a lot of effort to plan and which don’t generate sufficient return on investment.
  • In today’s world of digital interaction merely understanding or having insights about a customer is not enough, you need to be able to take action those insights in an ever-changing technological landscape.

The Tek Factory’s Agile Data services solve these problems. We extract value from the data gold mine fast, either to make money, or save money. We work incrementally and give our customers operational control over the highest benefit item within their data first. We then continue in priority order to make each useful data item operational. “Operational” means that we have given our customer the ability to take immediate action in response to a data item.

Solving the real-time data issue appears complicated and expensive.  It is not.  Under the banner of “Agile Data” Tek Factory is solving the issue of timely data.  Through solving this issue, we have come to value :

  • Hypothesis led experimentation over predetermined solutions.
  • Actionable response to events over data reporting.
  • Building production ready prototypes over comprehensive IT strategies.
  • Stream processing over relational databases.