Service Design Thinking

The value given to an end user is at the heart of all Tek Factory’s customer projects. One of our key differentiators is our commitment to the experience of the end user, and the importance we attach to the measurement of that experience. In a market driven by fierce competition and where more and more products are being commoditised, we believe that the development of consumer-centered services is the key in successfully creating services that run through all the touch points between the end user and the brand.

Tek Factory’s Service Designers help our clients to better understand consumers, gleaning insights that are key to creating new concepts, successful business cases and developing solutions that do not yet exist on the market.

Our approach

For each service or product that we design, our goal is as much about creating a complete user experience as it is maximising return on investment.

Our process includes

  • Market research and contextual interviews to better understand the consumer.
  • Discussion and definition of the objectives of the users and the business vis-à-vis the product or service.
  • Aligning key stakeholders to a shared statement of vision and intention for the product/service.
  • Identification of the client’s critical success factors for the product/service.

We visualise the process that users follow before, during, and after using the service and highlight the specific points at which the service responds (or does not respond) to the users’ needs. By mapping the customer pathway, we consistently track the performance of the product/service.

We measure objectives through multiple methods, such as user testing, questionnaires and the evaluation of quantitative data. The analysis and interpretation of this data provides an overview of what needs to be changed about the product/service to better meet the user’s needs and your business objectives

We lay the foundations for continuous improvement. With each new release, we present the progress made since the last one and the obstacles that remain. This allows our customers to track changes made in near-real time. To help our client establish the order of priority, we represent the various features on a simple matrix that shows the importance and the quality of these features for both consumers and the client.